John Deere autopower olie temperatureProblems
John Deere autopower olie temperature
My recently purchased John Deere 7920 shows high transmission olie temp when doing heavy duty road work. Yesterday when I was moving some grains with my
John Deere IVT TransmisionProblems
John Deere IVT Transmision
I have driven a couple of IVT equipped tractors (6420, 7920 and 7710). We had a 7920 last spring and I can say that this transmission can make a real difference
John Deere 7920 hydraulics getting weakerProblems
John Deere 7920 hydraulics getting weaker
I have a John Deere 7920 tractor that is about 7 years old now. Two years ago the hydraulic pump started rattling when the tractor was cold and the dealer