John Deere autopower olie temperature

John Deere autopower olie temperature Problems

My recently purchased John Deere 7920 shows high transmission olie temp when doing heavy duty road work. Yesterday when I was moving some grains with my hook trailer (35 tons total weight) it showed +80 ‘c. This is my first autopower tractor so I have no idea if it is normal. But my autoqard tractors will only show 65-68 ‘The dealer said don’t worry if it’s below 100 But I think it’s too hot, what’s another 20 or 30 runs running?

Pretty sure the 7920 will be a front mounted oil cooler instead of a heat exchanger like a 6020/30, so the coolant shouldn’t affect the oil temperature like it does on the 6.7920 series.

I was using a viscatronic fan that had a habit of failing, the engine temperature rises a bit, which is to be expected if you pull a lot. However, a viscous that fails would affect the temperature of the engine and transmission. There are enough in the front to get clogged.

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